Be A Guest Writer

Interested in being published and reaching out to your fellow alums?

It is easy! Write a short piece about your favorite part of course, about the four pillars, tell us how you use what you learned at Outward Bound in your daily life, there are plenty of topics to choose from! You can even mix it up and send us one of your journal entries, a video, or poetry. We would be more than happy to help you brainstorm. Just give us a call, (828) 239.2121, or email us, This is a great way to reach out to past alumni that you have lost touch with or simply get published online. Want a little more incentive? We reward each of our authors with some cool NCOBS swag! Better get to writing!

To submit your blog simply email it to If you have a photo of yourself on course, please submit that too!

3 thoughts on “Be A Guest Writer

  1. Hi
    I recently found my journal from a NCOB trip in 1992. it was fascinating. I wrote a little piece that I’d be interesting in sharing if you’d like. Mostly my comments then (lots of whining) and what that ultimately has led to now (a lot of insight, way less whining).
    I’d be happy to send for you to see if interested.


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