A Journey By River: Day 15

By Alumna Dakota Z., Intercept Program 

Day 15:
The day you have nervously anticipated is finally here. Your first full day of your solo experience… The term “solo” might seem quite scary to those who are used to being surrounded by other individuals, but this experience is very enlightening. You have your own little campsite to yourself for 72 hours without any distractions.

Your favorite part of solo thus far would definitely be sleeping in a bit later than you have been. Waking up to the sound of the birds chirping and the warm sun shining down on your tent, you sit up in your sleeping bag ready to prepare breakfast. You are given rations to last throughout your 72 hours…so you strategically plan out what and when you will eat the food.

Since you are on your own schedule, following breakfast, you slowly ease out of your tent to find a comfortable spot against a tree overlooking the river. Being your first full day on your own, you are still adjusting to everything. Before you jump straight into reflecting and writing in your journal, you take a good hour or so appreciating the nature around you.

After lunch time, you are greeted by one of your instructors… They tend to come by a few times each day checking in on you and making sure you doing alright! Let’s just say you are so excited to see another individual. You fill your instructor in on what has challenged you throughout the course and what you have learned so far. Your instructors are there to listen to whatever you have to say, even if you are rambling on and on keeping them there as long as possible.

Once they leave, you then have more time to yourself to work on certain action-steps in your journal. Those typically involve many goals you have for yourself in the future and many options on how to achieve those. Accomplishing so much in just a few hours, you find yourself slowly dozing off.

You venture into your tent and watch the sun go down over the river. Feeling relaxed and content, you snuggle up in your sleeping bag and snooze away.

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